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Hollis TX-1

Dive Computers

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Hollis TX-1


Hollis TX-1


The TX1 is a mixed gas dive computer capable of open

circuit air/nitrox/trimix and wireless HP monitoring. The TX1

utilizes a Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with user adjustable

gradient factors, allowing the diver to uniquely control

their decompression calculations. With up to 6 gases and 6

independent transmitters, there are unlimited options for the

use of this gauge for both recreational and technical diving.

For those divers seeking a way to access and utilize all the

data their TX1 records during each dive, Hollis has developed

the powerful and easy to use HTCI (Hollis Trimix Computer

Interface) software. HTCI allows users to view, edit and

manage their dive data and computer settings from their PC

computer. The software and required connection cable are

free with purchase.

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Hollis TX-1 Trimix Computer Features

  • Hollis TX-1 Trimix Computer
  • Mixed Gas Dive Computer
  • Capable of Open Circuit Air/Nitrox/Trimix
  • Optional: Wireless HP Monitoring & Gas Mixes Up to 100% O2
  • Number of Gases 6
  • Trimix Max Depth 400' (120 meters)
  • Set FO2 7% to 100%
  • Set Helium 0% to 93%
  • PO2 Setting 1.0 to 1.6
  • PO2 Setting Individual, Yes
  • MAX NDC Display 199 min (--if > 99 min)
  • Optional Transmitters Up to 6
  • HTCI (Hollis Trimix Computer Interface): 
    Allows Users to View, Edit and Manage Dive Data
    Change Computer Settings from PC Computer
    Includes Software and Required Connection Cable
  • Compass 3 Axis
  • Audible Alarm ON/OFF, Yes
  • Sample Rate 2, 15, 30, 60 Seconds
  • Customizable Dive Screen, Yes
  • Change Gas Option Yes
  • Track Equivalent Narcotic Depth (E.N.D) and Work of Breathing (W.O.B), Yes
  • Algorithm Buhlmann ZHL 16C + GF
  • Modes: Normal for Air, Nitrox and Trimix
  • Gauge Mode
  • Button or Water Activated
  • Fly Desaturation
  • Log: 24 Dive
  • History Function: Up to 999 Minutes
  • 12 or 24 Hour Time Format
  • Date: Month, Date, Year or Day, Month, Year
  • Backlight SmartGlo
  • Gradient Factor: for Setting Decompression Conservatism
  • Deep Stop and Safety Stops
  • Decompression Ceiling Violation
  • Altitude Adjustable: Sea Level to 14,000' (4,270 meters)
  • Imperial or Metric Units of Measure
  • Temperature Display
  • Power: 3 Volt User Replaceable CR2450, Lithium Battery
  • Owner's Manual and Quick Guide